USAID PRIORITAS (Prioritizing Reform Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia's Teachers, Administrators and Students) is a five year USAID-funded project designed to improve access to quality education for children in Indonesia.

IDR 20 Billion for USAID PRIORITAS Dissemination Program

Ten USAID PRIORITAS partner districts in North Sumatra have agreed to allocate funds amounting to Rp. 20 billion for the implementation of the dissemination of training programs.

MI Asih Putera's Comprehensive Approach to Developing a Reading Culture

MI Asih Putera has a comprehensive program to developing a reading culture. The following are a number of activities they have developed as explained by the MI Asih Putera school principal Iis Siti Aisyah SS.

Management of Teacher Deployment, Bener Meriah District Head Issues Regulations

To provide a legal umbrella for the implementation of teacher redeployment in Bener Meriah District, the District Head, Ruslan Abdul Gani issued District Head Regulation Number 87 of 2014 on Civil Servant Teacher Management and Deployment.

Learning How to Weigh While Playing Marbles

Marbles are a favorite game for the students of SDN Segunung Kabupaten Mojokerto. This prompted Yuli Ambarsari Rosyda, S. Pd to use marbles as a medium for teaching Mathematics to grade 1 students about the Basic Competency for Comparing the Weights of Objects using Non…
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Good Practices
  • Bupati Issues Regulation to Merge Small Schools

    Wednesday, 05 November 2014 | 00:00 WIB
    One of the policies being implemented is the merging of small state primary schools, which are located on the same site and have numbers of students below the number determined in the minimum service standards.
  • Dissemination Program Brings Real Impact

    Monday, 03 November 2014 | 14:44 WIB
    Prof. Robert Cannon, an education researcher from Australia, together with Rina Arlianti and Idha Riu, undertook a study on the implementation of the dissemination of DBE and USAID PRIORITAS programs and their sustainabilty in five Decentralized Basic Education partner districts, which are being supported by USAID.
  • 132,300 Books Provided to Partner Schools

    Monday, 03 November 2014 | 14:37 WIB
    To support the development of a reading culture, the project has supplied 132,300 books to USAID PRIORITAS partner schools and madrasah.
  • Preparing Good Practice Schools

    Monday, 03 November 2014 | 14:20 WIB
    In order to develop schools, which are examples of successful practices in teaching and learning and school management, USAID PRIORITAS has been giving special support to four schools in each partner district to become good practice schools.
  • IDR 20 Billion for USAID PRIORITAS Dissemination Program

    Wednesday, 08 October 2014 | 10:23 WIB
    Ten USAID PRIORITAS partner districts in North Sumatra have agreed to allocate funds amounting to Rp. 20 billion for the implementation of the dissemination of training programs.
  • Wamena Early Grade Teachers Learning to Teach Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

    Friday, 26 September 2014 | 13:45 WIB
    Starting August 2014, USAID PRIORITAS has been working together with YKW/Yayasan Kristen Wamena (Wamena Christian Foundation) and Yasumat/Yayasan Sosial untuk Masyarakat Terpencil (Social Foundation for Communities in Remote Areas) to implement training for early grade teachers.
  • Managing Teacher Deployment to Increase Efficiency

    Wednesday, 27 August 2014 | 15:49 WIB
    The USAID PRIORITAS partner districts in West Java face problems of shortages and surpluses in the supply of teachers. A number of solutions to address these problems can be adopted as a result of the teacher management and deployment program.
  • To Become a Respected Nation

    Monday, 25 August 2014 | 17:19 WIB
    The Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office, Dr Wahyuddin Zarkasyi, who attended the Provincial Showcase of Good Practices in West Java expressed his admiration after watching SDN 2 Rajamandalakulon stuents, demonstrating how they had developed a simple electricity generator from recycled materials.
  • “Golden Generation from Aceh”

    Monday, 25 August 2014 | 17:01 WIB
    The Head of the MOEC Center for Education Quality Assurance (PPMP), Dr. Bastari, appreciated the changes that have been made by the schools during the Provincial Showcase on Good Practices in the Education Sector in Aceh Province.
  • School Should Create a Reading Culture

    Monday, 18 August 2014 | 15:33 WIB
    “Excellent. This is very good planning and practice in teaching and learning,” said Mitch Kirby, USAID Washington senior education specialist, when evaluating the teaching and learning processes in early grade classes in Kota Cimahi.
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