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Module II: Good Practices in SMP/MTs

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Language:Bahasa Indonesia
Description:Module II of Good Practices for Junior Secondary Schools contains materials for the strengthening of the implementations of Active Learning and SBM in SMP/MTs that orientates on the 2013 Curriculum.

The module materials include:
• Review of The Implementation of Results of Training I – Teaching and Learning
• To Manage Teaching and Learning Effectively
• To Understand 2013 Curriculum
• To Cater for Individual Differences in Learning
• High-Level Questioning and Work Sheets
• Authentic Assessment
• Gender Issues in School
• Literacy Across the Curriculum: Early Grades (specially for SD/MI), Indonesian, Mathematic, Natural Science, Social Science, and English (specially for SMP/MTs)
• Teaching Preparation and Practice
• Review of SBM Progress
• Teaching and Learning Leadership
• Reading Culture Program
• Management of Reading Culture Program
• Calculation of Availability of School Budget for Teaching and Learning
• Preparation of Follow-U p Plans

Target audience:
School principals, teachers, supervisors, members of school committees (for school management module), lecturers, LPMP’s trainers, and training institutions that help in SMP/MTs
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