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Various Strategies to Improve Reading Culture in Several Schools in South Sulawesi

Various strategies to improve reading culture have been developed in several schools in South Sulawesi. Some of the strategies are, among others, building attractive, but cheap and affordable book shelves, to make students interested in reading books.
Every corner of a class at MIS Nurul Asma has a reading corner. The material of book shelves is quite simple, as it is made of logs to wrap around plastic or textile. It is easy to make and to be copied compared to other material.
SDN Kompleks IKIP Makassar makes book shelves from water gallons that are partially cut and arranged in such a way that they can contain a lot of books.
SDN 15 Jawi-Jawi Maros has book carts, which allow the books to go around the school. The books are offered to students at the playground during recess, so that they would like to read.
At SD Muhammadiyah Wajo, grade teachers make student's reading control book, to check which book the student has read and the resume. The book is signed by grade teachers, librarian and the parents.
SDN Kompleks IKIP Makassar also has book carts, which can be moved around to ease students in accessing the books.

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