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TTI Showcase Meeting Shows Impacts of Partnership

USAID PRIORITAS and TTI partners held TTI Showcase Meeting. During April-June 2015, several TTIs that have held the activity are, among others, Makassar State University and UIN Alaudin Makassar South Sulawesi, UIN Ar-Raniry and Syiah Kuala University Aceh, Medan State University and North Sumatra IAIN, Semarang State University, Walisongo IAIN Central Java, Yogyakarta State University, and Malang State University East Java.

The activity involve all lab schools, TTI partner schools and TTI consortia. ”The showcase aims to give opportunity to TTI, lab schools and TTI partner schools to show the impacts and benefits of USAID PRIORITAS program implementation. They show good practices in lectures, management, and mentoring results in TTI lab schools," said Stuart Weston during the TTI Showcase Meeting in Malang State University (6/6).

Deputy governor, district head/mayor, rector, dean, education office, representatives of Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture, principals, teachers, school committee, and stakeholders on province and district/city, attended the event. The following are several photos describing the TTI Showcase Meeting. (Anw)
Talkshow on TTI and school partnership in improving quality learning and SBM, which was moderated by Dr Syamsuduha a lecturer of UIN Alauddin (far left), presented Rector of UNM Prof Dr Arismunandar, Deputy Dean of Faculty of Tarbiyah of UIN Alauddin Dr Muh Amri Tajuddin, Principal of SMPN II Makassar Rosdiana Amir MPd, Principal of MI Madani Gowa Dra Andi Besse, and Committee Head of MTs Ballang
Kamari K. Daeng Ramma. The activity was held in Phinisi Building, Makassar State University (12/5).
Dr Djufri MSi, Dean of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Science of Syiah Kuala University, listens to explanation of experience made by students of MTsN Tungkop, a partner madrasah of UIN Ar-Raniry, Aceh (16/4).
Students of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science UM demonstrated the process of friction to electricity using their learning media during TTI Showcase Meeting in Malang State University, East Java (6/6).
The US Consul for Sumatra Island Y Robert Ewing was asked to check the existence of borax in the food by students of SMP Al-Azhar Medan, which is one of partner schools of Medan State University. SMP Al-Azhar has been trained on good practices on learning and SBM to be a practicum place for students of Medan State University (13/5).
Rector of UNY, Prof Dr Rochmat Wahab (center) tries tsunami detection equipment at a partner school's booth of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (21/4).

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