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World Class Learning in SDN Sumbergondo 02 Batu

The school principal of SDN Sumbergondo 2 Batu East Java, Sri Winarni, has successfully changed her school, which is located in the slope of Mt Arjuna, from low quality school to high quality school and be a reference school for the other schools. She was asked to share her experiences during education discussion meetup (Kopi Darat Diskusi Pendidikan) held by MOEC's Research and Development Agency and supported by ACDP (Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership), in Jakarta, Wednesday(27/4/2016).

SDN Sumbergondo 2, Batu, East Java, is a USAID PRIORITAS partner school that started partnering in 2014. The school principal utilized the partnership with USAID PRIORITAS to improve the teachers' competence in teaching and learning. She involved teachers and school committee in designing changes in the school. The school principal is also transparent in the school budget management. The community has been involved to support the improvement of learning quality.

As a result, in 2015 SDN Sumbergondo 2 managed to record achievements, such as first winner of Poetry Writing and Reading Competition in city level, first winner of Storytelling Competition in subdistrict level, rank first in national standard school final test (UASBN) in the subdistrict level from rank 15 in the previous years, and became a reference school that was recommended by Batu Education Office and East Java Province.

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