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Pre Service Teacher Training Course Module in Early Grade Reading and Writing

File name:Modul_FSU_UNNESA-_Perkuliahan_Membaca_dan_Menulis_Kelas_Awal_untuk_LPTK.pdf
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Description:The table below outlines the theme of each of the weekly units:
1. Introduction to literacy development in early primary
2. The foundation of reading and writing: Oral language and Listening Comprehension
3. First step in learning to read and write: developing an awareness of sound (Phonological awareness)
4. Pre-reading reading and writing skills: print concepts and alphabetic awareness
5. Transitioning to text: Learning to read words
6. Supporting the development of word reading skills: SAS
7. Peer teaching/lesson study, based on concepts covered in units 1 to 6
8. Examination, based on concepts covered in units 1 to 6
9. Supporting understanding: Developing children’s reading fluency
10. Supporting understanding: Developing children’s vocabulary skills
11. Bringing it all together: Developing children’s reading comprehension
12. Developing a culture of reading: promoting personal and Independent reading
13. The role of writing in early primary classes
14. Developing literacy skills within a thematic approach
15. Peer teaching/lesson study, based on concepts covered in units 9 to 14
16. Examination, based on concepts covered in units 9 to 14
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