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Managing Basic Education (MBE)
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Welcome to the Managing Basic Education (MBE) Program website

The MBE Program was supported by USAID. One of the important objectives of this homepage is to provide information and assistance to schools that have not had contact with the MBE or previous USAID programs.

The Managing Basic Education (MBE) project ran from February 2003 until June 2007, working in 23 districts in East and Central Java, Aceh and Jakarta. The project worked to create models of good practice as follows:

  • At District Level in the Management of Resources and Education Funding
  • At School Level in School Based Management (SBM), Community Participation and Active, Creative, Joyful and Effective Learning (better known by its Indonesian acronym PAKEM)

It is hoped that the information contained in this website relating to School Based Management (SBM), Active, Creative, Effective and Joyful Learning (PAKEM) and the Roles of the Community (PSM) will stimulate other schools that wish to improve the quality of education in their schools using their own resources.

The MBE website contains the following documents related to the program, which can be used freely (but not commercially) to support education development in Indonesia and elsewhere.

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