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Teaching and Learning
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About DBE2

Primary Work Level Focus

  • Schools and classrooms
  • School clusters
  • District and provincial governments
  • Higher Education institutions

Program Fundamentals

  • Active learning (PAKEM)
  • Holistic approach
  • On-the-job and practical experience
  • Making use of existing structures
  • Multi-faceted, school cluster-based system
  • Strong mentoring support
  • Partnering with key stakeholders for sustainability
  • Higher Education key partnerships

Program Components and Materials

  • Accredited Training (developed/implemented with Higher Education Institutions)
  • Cluster Resource Centers (CRC)
  • Active Learning with ICT
  • Distance Education Pilots
  • Active Learning for Higher Education (ALFHE)
  • Classroom Reading Program
  • Interactive Audio Instruction
  • School Report Cards
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Digital Libraries

Replication of Best Practices

With the continued support from local stakeholders in the implementation of DBE2 best practices for teacher professional development, the program components have been replicated either partially or fully by local institutions and organizations using their own funding.

Program Sustainability

The program has trained more than 220 Master Teacher Trainers (MTT) with upgraded competencies on active learning instruction and ICT skills for teaching and learning. These MTTs, who are teachers, principals, and supervisors, are invaluable assets of the local government authorities for disseminating best practices for the purpose of improving the quality of teaching and learningat primary school level.

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