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Making Special Needs Students Read Fluently

Making Special Needs Students Read Fluently
Murni (left), a teacher at SDLB Maccini, supports Nur Hidayah, a special needs student with Down syndrome, as she learns to read with a leveled reading book.

MAROS, SOUTH SULAWESI –  SDLB Special School Maccini Baji, Maros, is one of the non-partner schools that has received assistance in the form of a package of over 600 leveled reading books. Murni, one of the teachers at the schools, regularly uses these books to assist students with special needs to learn how to read.

She used them to develop the reading of Nurhidayah, a student with Downs syndrome who can spell letter by letter. By using a level A book, Murni supported her student's reading as well as counting the number of insects in the pictures. Now Nurhida-yah can read the words correctly and count the number of ants in the pictures.

Sarianah, another teacher, also managed to help Ade Rezki Ramadhan, another student with Downs syndrome, to read fluently. Previously, Ade had been transferred from an ordinary primary school because he kept walking out of the classroom and required specialized counseling. Sarianah was very proud and even emotional at having taught Ade to read fluently. "Leveled reading books are an effective medium for teaching special needs students how to read," she said. (Ham/Anw)



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