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A Proposal to Develop Sub-District Offices at MORA

A Proposal to Develop Sub-District Offices at MORA
Prof Dr Mochammad Isom, Secretary General of the Islamic Education at MORA, at the teacher management workshop for madrasah teachers.

JAKARTA – Following up on the results of the workshop on the Teacher Management and Deployment Program (PPG) and Continuous Professional Development (PKB) for madrasah teachers, USAID PRIORITAS and MORA's East Java Province Office held a Public Consultation on the Management of Madrasah Teachers in Surabaya (17/5). The Head of the MORA East Java Regional Office, Mahfud Shodar MAg, said that this event was necessary to map the condition of madrasah teachers in East Java, what needs to be improved, how many teachers do not have degrees, and so forth.

"What we hope for from this event is that we can map out the problems regarding teachers in the field so that we can decide what followup steps should be taken," said Mahfud.

Attending the event were representatives of several institutions such as the regional board of Muhammadiyah, the Indonesian Union of Madrasah Teachers, East Java, and representatives of MORA at the district level in the form of the Office of Religious Affairs from Blitar, Pamekasan, and Jombang.

Representatives from Blitar District proposed stationing madrasah school supervisors at the sub-district level by using the sub-district religious affairs offices as local implementation units so that supervisors are not centralized at the district level and the development of madrasah at sub-district level can be more easily monitored.

These activities were followed with a workshop on the management of madrasah teachers who work at the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) in Jakarta (3/6). Prof Dr Mochammad Isom, Secretary General of Islamic Education at MORA spoke of the cooperation between MORA and USAID PRIORITAS in mapping the management and deployment of teachers and improving the competence of madrasah teachers.

"We will start the implementation of the management program for madrasah teachers in East Java. We will replicate it in other provinces," said Prof Isom. He also approved a plan to use the the sub-district level religious affairs offices to strengthen the educational services of madrasah.

USAID PRIORITAS has been helping MORA map the needs of madrasah teachers in accordance with their academic qualifications, their professional teacher certification, the teacher to student ratio in schools, and the needs of the teachers in their madrasah, as well as improving the services of madrasah at the sub-district level. This has been a particular focus on sub-districts with a large number madrasah, i.e. 70 or more.

"This is to ensure the madrasah teachers are adequately efficient and effective. This includes helping to map the needs of madrasah teachers with regard to training programs that are relevant in terms of type and materials, and providing the necessary funding for training based on the data on the training needs of individual teachers," said Mark Heyward, USAID PRIORITAS Education Governance and Management Adviser. (Adr/Lut)



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