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Preparation of Prospective Teachers, USAID Supports MORA to Reform TTIs

Preparation of Prospective Teachers, USAID Supports MORA to Reform TTIs
Director General of Islamic Education at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Prof Dr Kamaruddin Amin, and USAID PRIORITAS Program Director, Stuart Weston, sign an agreement to develop cooperation in improving the quality of madrasah and Islamic TTIs.

BOGOR – The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), through the Directorate General of Islamic Education, is working with USAID PRIORITAS to improve the quality of the pre-service education of teachers in Islamic Teacher Training Institutions (TTIs).

"We will reform the process of training teachers in TTIs. Looking ahead, graduates of these institutions will be expected to be ready to become professional teachers to improve the quality of teaching in schools," said Prof Dr Kamaruddin Amin, Director General of Islamic Education at MORA, during an event where 38 Deans of the Education Faculties of Islamic TTIs from around Indonesia held discussions in Bogor to generate input for the drafting a TTI reform plan (22/6).

"At present, there still seems to be a gap between the theory and content that is being taught on campuses and practice in schools (madrasah). As a result, the lecturing and training on campuses, lacks relevance, and interest and fails to support the improvement of the quality of learning," he added.

According to the professor from University Alaudin Makassar, the Islamic TTI reform program will make use of good practices that have been developed by USAID PRIORITAS. There are three main things that will be developed in order to reform the TTIs. Firstly, a grand design will be drawn up for the reforms which will begin in 2017. Secondly, all lecturers from Faculties of Education will be trained to run courses with a greater emphasis on practical approaches. Thirdly, partner lab madrasah will be developed for TTIs to serve as good teaching practice venues for trainee teachers.

Lynne Hill, USAID PRIORITAS Teaching and Learning Advisor, expressed her support for MORA's plan. "We have already trained facilitators from our partner Teacher Training Institutes (TTI), and trained and supported the TTI partner madrasah in applying good teaching and learning and school management. We have also developed modules and resources for trainee teachers that promote active learning approaches. With this new initiative, we hope to improve the quality of courses that prepare prospective teachers in Islamic TTIs," she explained during the discussions. (Anw)


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