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Collecting Second Hand Books for Reading Corners

Collecting Second Hand Books for Reading Corners
Second hand books donated to SDI Al-Amanah for the reading corners in their classes.

SOUTH TANGERANG, BANTEN –  A reading program which has been running for over a year at SDI Al-Amanah has started to gather a lot of support. Previously, the school had only the 150 books that had been provided as assistance from USAID PRIORITAS. Seeing the students' enthusiasm about reading, Ogi Suprayogi, the school principal, asked for support from various parties.

"The homeroom teacher announced there would be a collection of suitable reading books donated by parents," said Ogi. The result was an accumulation of no less than one hundred books such as children's fiction all from parent donations.

Grade VI students graduating from school are encouraged to leave behind a memento in the form of suitable reading books. Members of the community who visit the school are also invited to support the program. These efforts have been met with a positive response. "Now, the school's book collection numbers 600, while it was originally only 150," Ogi added.

Now every one of our 500 students can enjoy reading interesting books in the corner of their classroom. The collection of suitable reading books will continue to enrich the school's reading materials.

In addition to holding a daily program of 15 minutes' reading before lessons begin, students read for 20 minutes every Thursday as well as spending a further 40 minutes writing or talking about the results of their reading. "After reading, the students are given the freedom to write summaries of what they have read, to tell stories in front of the class, or keep a reading journal. In total, this activity lasts 60 minutes," explained Ogi. (Anl)


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