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Good Teachers from Good TTIs

Prof Dr Warsono, Rector of the State University of Surabaya

Good Teachers from Good TTIs
Prof Dr Warsono.

SURABAYA – Training attended by lecturers from Teacher Training Institutions (TTIs) needs to cause them to reflect upon whether they have been providing good training for their students in order to produce good prospective teachers. Thus said the Rector of the State University of Surabaya (Unesa), Prof Dr Warsono MS, during the National Workshop on "Good Practices in the Classroom in the Early Grades of the Primary School and in the Junior Secondary School (28/4).

In his view the quality of education is determined by the quality of teachers. "Good teachers are produced by TTIs that are good in terms of their teaching methods. I've been following the development of the USAID PRIORITAS program, which provides many benefits for TTIs. This workshop is a good opportunity for lecturers to broaden their knowledge and experience as well as providing time for reflection," he said.  At the training, which was attended by 95 lecturers from 16 partner TTIs (26-28/4), the participants also conducted teaching practice on the campuses of Unesa and UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. (Dkd) 

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