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Schools in the Remote Yakuhimo District, Use Leveled Reading Books

Schools in the Remote Yakuhimo District, Use Leveled Reading Books
The team from the Yasumat Foundation supported by USAID PRIORITAS model reading together and guided reading with students in a school in the remote Yakuhimo region.

YAKUHIMO, PAPUA – A team from Yasumat (Social Foundation for Remote Communities) supported by USAID PRIORITAS have begun to train teachers in schools in the remote Yakuhimo district in using leveled reading books. These books are intended to increase the interest in reading and the reading ability of students in the rural Yakuhimo area in the Papuan highlands.

The leveled reading books are tailored to the students' reading ability. They start with pages that have only a single word and progress to pages that contain of several paragraphs. Each page also features pictures relevant to the text.

There are 63 partner schools in the Yakuhimo region, and each will receive more than 600 of the leveled reading books. Before they receive them, the teachers are being trained by the team from the Yasumat Foundation. The team models teaching and learning activities including reading together, guided reading, and independent reading, using the leveled reading books. “The students really enjoyed reading these books. None of the schools that we work with have many books. So this assistance from USAID is very helpful," said Ester Yahuli, coordinator of the Yasumat Education Program. (Hry)


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