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Books in the Classroom Make Students in Papua Happy About Reading

Books in the Classroom Make Students in Papua Happy About Reading
Reading books have been provided in the classroom which encourage the students' interest in reading.

SOUTH MANOKWARI, WEST PAPUA – Students at SD 74 Siwi primary school have begun to enjoy reading. Reading books provided as part of assistance from USAID PRIORITAS have been placed in the reading corners of classrooms and are increasing students' interest in reading. According to the School Principal of SD Inpres 74 Siwi, Moses Winawoda, students usually read books before lessons begin and during recesses. They choose reading books that they like to read. "Before this, there was nothing for the children to read. These books from USAID are very helpful," he said.

Indeed, many early grade students do not yet read fluently, but the pictures in reading books get them interested in reading. Now, every recess, or when the teacher is not teaching, many of the students can be seen reading books.

A similar practice is also common in other partner schools, such as in SD Inpres 08 Oransbari, SD Inpres Gayabaru Momiwaren, and SD Inpres 30 Ransiki. USAID PRIORITAS has provided assistance in the form of 150 reading books for each partner primary school in West Papua province. Each school will also receive 600 leveled reading books to improve students' reading abilities and increase their interest in reading. (Sds)


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