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16 TTI Develop Module for PPG Workshops

16 TTI Develop Module for PPG Workshops
Lecturers and teachers discussing the PPG workshop materials for TTIs.

JAKARTA – USAID PRIORITAS, together with 16 partner Teacher Training Institutes (TTI) from seven provinces, held a meeting to discuss the development of workshop materials to support the Professional Teacher Education (PPG) program. For three days in Jakarta, the heads of PPG and PPLK (Student Teaching Practicum) programs from partner TTIs, as well as a number of teachers who are USAID PRIORITAS teaching and learning training facilitators, discussed workshop materials for PPG students, who are preparing to become professional teachers (9-11/9).

"The materials that have been used by USAID PRIORITAS to train teachers and principals in implementing active learning have been adapted during the PPG workshops in the TTIs," said Stuart Weston, Program Director of USAID PRIORITAS during the event.

As for teaching practicums in schools, according to Stuart, these activities also need to take place in a more structured way. "For example, before teaching practicums, student teachers should observe good teaching, and the results of these observations should discussed as a reference points for students in learning to teach well. Then, when they start their long term teaching practicums, they should be evaluated at regular intervals by the lecturers and teachers to ensure that the students are applying good teaching practices," he said.

In the meeting for the preparation of the PPG workshop materials, participants were divided into groups to draft the materials. These included the modeling of active learning, reflective journal writing, high-level questioning and making good worksheets, authentic assessment, teaching preparation and teaching practice, as well as how to make portfolios of students' and teachers' work.

Prof. Dr. Muchlas Samani, a TTI Development Consultant with USAID PRIORITAS, was of the opinion that this activity will be very effective in helping to improve the quality of the PPG programs. "USAID PRIORITAS already has a model for training people who are already serving  teachers to become a better teachers. We have adopted this model to produce prospective teachers who will be good at their jobs. What we hope is that PPG can produce better teachers," said the lecturer from State University of Surabaya (UNESA) who is also the Chairman of the National Teacher Certification Program.

Dr. Tarsyad Nugraha, Chairman of PPG at the State University of Medan, who was also involved in these activities, welcomed the support provided by USAID PRIORITAS. "They have provided training and assistance with the implementation of active learning in partner schools. We have adapted the materials used in the USAID PRIORITAS training to be used as guidelines in the implementation of the PPG workshop," he said. (Anw/Tif)


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