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Inspiration in Teacher Governance

Inspiration in Teacher Governance
The front cover of the Good Practices in Teacher Governance book.

JAKARTA – Since 2013, USAID PRIORITAS has been assisting districts in implementing teacher governance programs covering Teacher Management and Deployment, and in Teacher Continuous Professional Development. There have been many innovations by districts in teacher governance. These innovations are compiled in a book titled Good Practices in Teacher Governance. Here is the link of the book: http://prioritaspendidikan.org/id/media/view/detail/653/praktik-yang-baik-tata-kelola-guru- 

The book describes how to map the distribution of teachers, including the student-teacher ratio, how to formulate policy, how to set policy through Local Regulations (by District Heads and Mayors). The book also contains the results of the implementation of change, which have reduced the demand for teachers through their more efficient distribution, and in order to improve teacher quality using multi-source funding approaches.

The success of districts in improving the distribution of teachers, as revealed in this book, is intended as an example to others. For example, Blitar district has developed multigrade teaching in small schools that cannot be merged. Meanwhile, the Districts of Semarang and Kuningan chose to merge hundreds of state primary schools for the sake of efficiency, effectiveness, and to meet deployment needs for classroom teachers. The policy for the transfer of 727 primary and secondary teachers in Aceh Barat Daya was well received because it was based on accurate data and took into consideration the location of teachers' homes.

As for the Teacher's Continuous Professional Development program which aimed to bring USAID PRIORITAS innovations to more teachers, West Bandung District increased the number of training facilitators and established good practice schools to improve the quality of teachers in the district. In Purbalingga Regency the teachers have been required to attend training at least once a year. The policy was enacted by a Distirct Head's Regulation to ensure all teachers receive the benefits of professional development. Aceh Provincial Education Department has allocated Rp 16.8 billion to ensure teachers in non-partner districts receive training.

Sumarna Surapranata PhD, Director General of Teachers and Education Personnel at Kemendikbud, in his remarks in the preface to the book, expresses his appreciation for USAID PRIORITAS which has assisted 50 districts with the implementation of teacher governance.(Anw) 

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