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Progress in Partner Schools

Progress in Partner Schools

The USAID PRIORITAS program in the field will end in mid-2017. Over nearly five years since starting, USAID PRIORITAS has been increasing the capacity of local training facilitators to train supervisors, principals, and teachers in teaching and learning, developing a reading culture, and in school management, through school visits, training, teachers cluster working group activities, and mentoring in schools.

From the results of monitoring and evaluation from 2012 to 2016, as shown in the figure on the right, the percentage of teachers who apply active learning approaches has increased from 21.5% (2012) to 80% (2016). Student learning behavior where they are active in completing tasks, solving problems, and working cooperatively within groups, which was originally only found in 16.8% of the classes (2012), has increased to 89% (2016). As for school management, the participation of parents and communities in supporting the educational processes in schools has increased from 27.2% (2012) to 85% (2016). Management initiatives in creating a reading culture in schools have also increased signidicantly from 24.8% (2012) to 97% (2016). These achievements show that the partner schools and madrasah have demonstrated their commitment in implementing the USAID PRIORITAS program.

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