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UINSA Prepares Quality Trainee Teachers

UINSA Prepares Quality Trainee Teachers
Jeff Cohen and UINSA Rector, Prof. Abd A'la, observing a lecture on literacy in the Department of Primary Education. The student teachers are modeling a reading together activity using big books that they have made themselves.

SURABAYA, EAST JAVA – Having observed lectures at the State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan Ampel in Surabaya (UINSA), Jeff Cohen's appraisal was that UINSA is on the right track to prepare qualified teachers for the future. "Undergraduate students who are prospective teachers will be better prepared to apply active learning and optimize the potential of their pupils," he said. "The student teachers I observed were engaged in active discussions in groups to complete the tasks set by their lecturers," he added.

Since entering into its partnership with USAID, UINSA has trained more than 50 lecturers in the Faculty of Education (FTK) to deliver their courses using an active learning approach. Some UINSA lecturers also took part in research activities lasting two months in January and February 2016 at Michigan State University (MSU) in America to learn about the development of teaching practice programs for student teachers.

UINSA rector, Prof Dr Abd A'la, said that cooperation between UINSA and USAID has helped the lecturers to improve the quality of their lectures in preparing candidates for the teaching profession. "We are optimistic that by adopting creative, innovative and more practical approaches in our courses can fulfill the need for quality education and enrich the learning experience of students at our university," he said. (Anw)


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