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Implement Whole School Development

Training of School Principals and Supervisors

Implement Whole School Development
School principals and supervisors attending training in Central Java practice observing the conditions in a classroom and drawing up an improvement program based on the results of their observations.

USAID PRIORITAS has provided special training for school principals and supervisors through a module on the 'Role of School Principals and Supervisors' in Whole School Development. The whole school development approach is where all school community members, including the teachers, the principal, the school committee, the community, and the students are involved together in the development of the school.

"After three days of training, the principals and supervisors were expected to perform their roles by focusing efforts on improving learning in their schools. The principals and supervisors were also expected to understand indicators related to teaching and learning, developing a reading culture, and school based management," said Handoko Widagdo, School Development Specialist.

During the training, the participants also practiced conducting direct observation of teaching and learning. Having discovered the good practices and the weaknesses in their schools, the principals and supervisors are expected to draw up a program to help their schools to improve their teaching and learning activities.

"This training is helpful for achieving measurable and planned progress in the school," said Nur Ridawati, school principal of MIN Maros Baru, who took part in training in South Sulawesi. Meanwhile, 
Ella Nofiarti, a school supervisor in the city of Serang in Banten, believed this training was needed so that school inspectors can support schools to develop in a holistic way based on findings from supervision activities (9/1/2017). (Kom)


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