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A 'Learning Paradise' at SDN Bakaran Batu

A 'Learning Paradise' at SDN Bakaran Batu

LABUHAN BATU, NORTH SUMATRA – Deva Aulyta is a grade 4 teacher at SDN Bakaranbatu and a District Training Facilitator for the Labuhanbatu Teacher Training Program. She also teaches grades 5 and 6. This young teacher is resilient, diligent, and smart, and uses a variety of active learning activities to turn her classroom into a 'learning paradise' for the students. Here are a few stories that Deva Aulyta has uploaded to her Facebook page.   

Grade IV, Creating Simple Technology. The students studied how to apply the properties of light to creating a piece of technology. Each group received a different task. For example, one group made a kaleidoscope using a set of mirrors that were arranged so that the repeated reflected images looked pretty. There was a group that made a magnifying glass from an empty light bulb filled with water. Other groups made a pinhole camera, a light spectrum, and a periscope. They brought their own tools and materials from home, made the objects in the classroom, and then presented their work to the rest of the class.

Grade VI, Learning About Elections. The students were invited to conduct a simulation of an election. There were five pairs of presidential candidates involved in campaigning. The students were asked to compose short campaign speeches. They also made up abbreviations for their names; for example, Wandi and Sapphira became Wansa. Then the election committee made voting cards. Others acted as witnesses. All the students participated in the activity. They especially enjoyed the counting of votes. They concluded the activity by creating mind maps.

Then the students observed the actual election process for the District Head (Bupati). Each group visited a polling station near their homes with a camera phone. They observed the voting. In the afternoon, the students also interviewed polling station officials to find out who had won the election. You can find many other interesting active learning activities on Deva Aulyta's Facebook page.

"By using active learning, students become more interested in learning and developing their way of thinking. Learning is enjoyable as it is at their own level, so that the learning processes are developed by the students themselves," said Deva. I was interested to learn that one student who was sick still attended the lesson, because she didn't want to miss anything. (Anw)


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