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District Head of Labuhan Batu Appreciates USAID PRIORITAS Program

District Head of Labuhan Batu Appreciates USAID PRIORITAS Program
The District Head of Labuhan Batu Dr. Tigor Panusunan Siregar visited SDN 112162 North Rantau to witness directly the implementation of USAID PRIORITAS program at a partner school.

Labuhan Batu. The District Head of Labuhan Batu Dr. H. Tigor Panusunan Siregar, Sp.PD praised the success of USAID PRIORITAS program implementation. Bpk Tigor has observed that the USAID PRIORITAS program has been successful in improving the quality of basic education in Labuhan Batu. This was conveyed when examining the results of teaching and learning in USAID PRIORITAS partner schools. “Now the teachers are enthusiastic in teaching and the students are more enthusiastic in learning,” explained Pak Tigor at the Workshop on the Success of the USAID PRIORITAS Program in the Ballroom of Hotel Suzuya, Rantau Prapat, Thursday 6/3).

Pak Tigor is optimistic that the quality of education in Labuhan Batu will continue to improve. The government of Kabupaten Labuhan Batu has made a commitment to continue improving teachers' quality in order to deliver good teaching and learning. “Currently, I am training them in USAID PRIORITAS' methodologies. With good teacher quality and good education quality, they will become Indonesia's golden generation,” added Pak Tigor.

The Provincial Coordinator of USAID PRIORITAS North Sumatra Agus Marwan judges that USAID PRIORITAS partner schools in Labuhan Batu are already able to implement the 2013 Curriculum. “The results of teaching and learning showcased by our partner schools are well in line with the demands of the 2013 Curriculum,” stated Agus Marwan. (Eh)

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