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Sragen’s Supervisors Bring PAKEM to Schools

Sragen’s Supervisors Bring PAKEM to Schools
Sukamto, a supervisor from Masaran Sub- district, mentoring students from SD Negeri 4 Tangkil as they study sources of heat during a teaching practice in the Module 2 training.

Sragen, Central Java – When the supervisors from Sragen were doing a teaching practice using the active, creative, joyful and effective learning approach (PAKEM) and contextual learning they appeared awkward. “It’s been a long time since I taught. But, after being part of this training, I had to make a lesson plan, prepare learning media, and assessment tools. After the practice, we discussed the result and were assessed by the class teacher. As a result I have come to understand better the real conditions faced by teachers and students,” said Agus Sudarmono, supervisor for primary schools in Gemolong Sub-district, after teaching.

The supervisors had to teach to practice the material they had learned in the USAID PRIORITAS Module 2 training organized by the Sragen Education Office. For four days (23-26/3) they were trained on how to design active learning activities, reviewing and adapting the curriculum, and learning how to do authentic assessment and present lessons with high-order questions. On the last day, they practiced the material that they had studied by teaching the students in person.

“Usually, the supervisor only provides input related to the teaching and learning conducted by our teachers. By carrying out practices like this, they can give examples to our teachers directly. 

Hopefully, after this they can mentor us better in applying active learning, especially PAKEM,” explained the principal of SDN 4 Tangkil, Sutardi.

“I am pleased to be taught by Pak Kamto. I was asked to play, but also to study. At the end I was asked about how sound reaches our ears and I could answer that,” said Roan Febriyanto, a student at SDN 4 Tangkil.

The background to the USAID PRIORITAS Module 2 Training, about the PAKEM approach to teaching and learning, is a desire on the part of the education office to spread the good practices introduced by the USAID PRIORITAS training to partner schools. The objective is to spread these good practices and give them to all schools in Sragen.” Once they are fully trained by USAID PRIORITAS, the supervisors should spread the approach to the areas that they are working in. The schools must apply the PAKEM principles in their teaching and learning,” said the Head of Sragen Education Office, Mohammad Sauman MPd. (Arz)


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