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National Conference on the Results of Research by Teachers and Lecturers

National Conference on the Results of Research by Teachers and Lecturers
Teachers and lecturers who collaborated on classroom action research (PTK), presenting the results of their research at a national conference in Jakarta. Their collaboration in research succesfully resolved learning problems in the classroom.

JAKARTA – USAID PRIORITAS held a national conference on classroom action research (CAR), which had been implemented by teachers and lecturers working together. The conference discussed how the participants had found solutions to learning problems by carrying out CAR. The conference invited heads of research and community services departments, Vice Rectors, and faculty representatives from 16 partner Teacher Training Institutes (TTIs), as well as teachers from seven partner provinces.

The conference, which lasted for one day (8/9), featured seven of the 16 CAR results that have been produced. These included the results of the research carried out by Hasanuddin Jilani and Achmat Kusairi, fifth grade teachers at SDN (state primary school) Percobaan 2 Malang, in collaboration with State University of Malang lecturers, Edy Boediono and Erry Hidayanto. This collaboration resulted in CAR to improve students' comprehension of mathematical texts. "There are many students who have difficulty working math story problems. Some cannot explain the meaning of the text in their own words," said Edy Boediono.

They applied a method, 'Read, Think, and Note' (shortened into RTN) in the study. As a result, they found that fifth grade students of SDN Percobaan 2 Malang were better able to understand mathematical texts. 51% of students scored at least 70 on a scale of 0-100 compared to no students scoring 70 before the program was implemented.

The Director of Learning at the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Dr. Paristiyanti Nurwadani, said that to improve their competences, teachers are expected to write scientific papers, including doing CAR. Through CAR, teachers can study various problems in the classroom. "The benefits of CAR will be to help teachers improve the quality of learning in the classroom," she said during the event. (Anw/Tif) 

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