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Improving the Written Communication Ability of Science Students

Improving the Written Communication Ability of Science Students
Sri Sutiyarsih assisting students conducting an experiment.

SERANG, BANTEN – Sri Sutiyarsih SPd and Winarsih Puji Priyatno Ssi, teachers at SMPN (state junior secondary school) 6 Serang, along with Dr. Hepsi Nindiasari and Pipit Marianingsih MSi, lecturers at the University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, collaborated in the implementation of CAR on performance assessment with support to students to improve their writing communication skills in science. "There are many students in the class who struggle to write reports about the results of experiment including presenting graphs and tables, describing their findings, and making deductions," said Winarsih as she described her experience as a science teacher.

Following assistance to the students that was specific, consistent and intensive, it turns out that 97% of the students managed to get a score above 70 for their reports, compared to only 64% before the assistance was given. They carried out different mentoring activities according to the needs of the students. The teachers divided the students into groups based on the types of errors found in completing their worksheets and then supported each group. Both science teachers identified and stressed the importance of peer tutoring.

"After I had mentored the students in each group, those who got the best scores in the class were asked to assist other students who were still making errors when writing scientific reports," added Sutiyarsih. (Anl)


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