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Central and Local Support for the Continuation and Expansion of the USAID PRIORITAS Program

Central and Local Support for the Continuation and Expansion of the USAID PRIORITAS Program
Program Director of USAID PRIORITAS when giving introductory discussion

JAKARTA – Representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC), Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, educational institutions and educational personnel, as well as the seven provincial partners of USAID PRIORITAS, support the continuation and expansion of the USAID PRIORITAS program. This was the result of a Discussion Meeting on the Continuation and Expansion of the USAID PRIORITAS Program held in Jakarta (11/1).

USAID PRIORITAS has been giving training and support for the implementation of good practice in teaching and learning, school-based management, a reading culture program, teacher training institutions (TTIs), and a teacher governance program.Hamid Muhammad PhD, the Director General of Primary and Secondary Education at MOEC, said that the Education Minister, Anies Baswedan, has conveyed the message that MOEC still needs the program developed by USAID PRIORITAS and hopes that the program will continue.

"MOEC hopes that there is synergy between the TTIs, Quality Assurance Institutes (LPMP) and the Centers for Development and Empowerment of Teachers and Education Personnel (P4TK) using a whole district approach to quality improvement. We cannot possibly handle this alone, and we need help from many parties," said Hamid Muhammad during the event.

Director General of Primary and Secondary Education, Hamid Muhammad PhD

Support for the continuation and expansion of the program was also expressed by representatives of partner districts of USAID PRIORITAS. The Head of Education Office of Aceh Province stated, "Funds amounting to IDR 16.4 billion for 10 non-partner districts will be allocated for the dissemination of USAID PRIORITAS training," said Hasanuddin Darjo, Head of the Aceh Provincial Education Office.

Similar support was expressed by Secretary of Maros District, Baharuddin, who stated that Maros had been allocated a budget of IDR 1.73 billion to continue implementation of the USAID PRIORITAS program, using the MGMPs and KKG (teachers' groups), as well as developing the reading culture program. "The Maros District budget will provide dissemination of the training on leveled reading books, procurement of reading books, library rehabilitation, and the enactment of a local decree on a reading culture," said Baharuddin. (Anw/Tif)

Head of the Aceh Provincial Education Department, Hasanuddin Darjo, when presenting the dissemination plan of USAID PRIORITAS program in Aceh Province.

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