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Synergy in Education Quality Improvement Program

Synergy in Education Quality Improvement Program
Presentation and discussion in Bener Meriah led by Rusli M. Saleh.

USAID PRIORITAS - Bener Meriah is widely known as the number one coffee producer in Aceh and is also known for its motto: “BERSEMI” or Bersih (clean), Indah (beautiful), Menarik (interesting) and Islami (Islamic).  Under the leadership of Ruslan Abdul Gani as the District Head and Rusli M. Saleh as his Deputy, the district has developed a great deal, especially in education. “We thank the government of USA and USAID for choosing us as one of the USAID PRIORITAS partner districts in Aceh,” said Ruslan Abdul Gani during the initial meeting with the USAID PRIORITAS team. 

Improvement in education quality is one of the district’s key programs as described by Rusli M. Saleh in the presentation of a USAID PRIORITAS preliminary study.  “Education programs in Bener Meriah will focus on quality enhancement,” said Rusli M. Saleh who led the USAID PRIORITAS discussion on education in Bener Meriah, which was attended by a variety of stakeholders in education. 

Similar to Bener Meriah, Aceh Jaya – also a USAID PRIORITAS partner district – expressed its enthusiasm about working with the program for five years. The District Head of Aceh Jaya Ir. Azhar Abdurrahman stated during the signing of Partnership Terms of Reference (KAK) between USAID PRIORITAS and the government of Aceh Jaya earlier in Banda Aceh.  “We support the quality improvement program conducted by USAID PRIORITAS.  Our district still needs a lot of training in quality enhancement for teachers and teaching staff,” he added. 

The area that was destroyed by tsunami eight years ago now has sufficient school buildings, constructed to good standards.  Therefore, it is logical that the focus should shift to quality enhancement.  To support the current focus, Aceh Jaya education stakeholders expected that USAID PRIORITAS will provide regular training for local training facilitators and especially for lead teachers in Teacher Working Groups (KKG and MGMP).  (Tmk)

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