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Demak's Teachers Set Aside 4% of Their Professional Allowances for CPD

Demak's Teachers Set Aside 4% of Their Professional Allowances for CPD
Head of Demak District, Moh. Dachirin Said

DEMAK, CENTRAL JAVA – With the enactment of District Decree No.53 of 2015 concerning continuous professional development (CPD) for teachers in government schools in Demak, as of 17 November 2015, all those receiving teachers' professional allowances in Demak, must set aside four per cent of their allowances for professional development.

"We are trying to ensure every educator in Demak District improves their capabilities and careers. That is why the policy of setting aside four percent of their professional allowances in this decree needs to be implemented," said Head of Demak District, Moh. Dachirin Said in a continuous professional development workshop held at the Bupati's meeting hall on Monday 23 November.

Moh. Dachirin Said said that the reason for publishing this decree concerned the need to continually improve the competence of teachers. "Therefore, it is important do this to optimize the role of teachers in education. The quality of education in a district is largely determined by the quality of its educators," said Regent.

Sources of finance for CPD, other than the professional allowances, include local government funding, School Operational Assistance (BOS) and funds from foundations and other appropriate sources.

The financial management of this 4% set aside for CPD is carried out independently and directly by each school. The Education Office only sets the regulations.

Article 11 of the decree states that the forms of CPD activity to be supported include self-development activities, scientific publications, and innovative work. 

To reduce problems in the management of funds, the decree stipulates that this management will be conducted by schools and Teacher Working Groups (KKG and MGMP).

Each school, KKG and MGMP can plan for CPD based on the results of teacher performance assessment and selfevaluation. Having mapped out development needs, they can then coordinate with education authorities regarding the legality of and support for the implementation of the CPD. (Arz)


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