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Pledge to Make a Success of Education Quality Program

Pledge to Make a Success of Education Quality Program
Representatives from partner schools in Serang enthusiastically declaring their commitment to partnering with USAID PRIORITAS

USAID PRIORITAS - Banten. Pandeglang and Serang are committed to a partnership with USAID PRIORITAS to improve basic education quality.

Pandeglang – Serang. Approximately 100 representatives of USAID PRIORITAS partner schools gathered at the Education Office building to declare their commitment to success in the basic education quality improvement program (20/12).

The meeting held by the Secretary of Padeglang Education Office, Drs. Nurhasan made a commitment to support the implementation of USAID PRIORITAS program aimed at improving basic education quality.

A day later, a similar commitment was declared in the district of Serang.  Approximately 74 participants from partner schools, the Education Office, and the Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) gathered at the hall of SMPN 1 Ciruas, Serang.

These partners were enthusiastic in supporting the USAID PRIORITAS program.  They saw an opportunity to develop ideas and initiatives to improve learning quality. 

As the Secretary of Pandeglang Education Office stated, “Hopefully in the future Pandeglang can become a role model for other districts and also at the provincial level and nationwide,” he said, highlighting on the technical support provided by USAID PRIORITAS to improve teacher quality.  Let’s hope that the program runs smoothly and benefit the true stakeholders: the students. (Nic)

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