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Applying School Based Management Earns Hamid National Recognition as Supervisor

Applying School Based Management Earns Hamid National Recognition as Supervisor
Abdul Hamid was awarded a prize of IDR 10 million for his achievements as the best madrasah supervisor.

DEMAK, CENTRAL JAVA – Abdul Hamid, a primary school supervisor working for the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Office in Demak District, received a MORA Supervisor National Achievement award at an event held in Bogor (17/10). The title is the fruit of his diligence in implementing School Based Management (SBM) through the work he does in his supervisory role.

"SBM helps solve various problems in madrasah. It is important to continue to emphasize this and encourage its implementation," said Hamid, who is also a USAID PRIORITAS facilitator in Demak District.

At a national level event to select the highest achieving supervisor, Hamid gave a presentation on the professional development of teachers and supervisors through continuous academic supervision and managerial supervision.Academic supervision focused on the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning based on good planning, while managerial supervision focused on work done to improve planning and promote good management of madrasah.These forms of supervision are part of the training provided by USAID PRIORITAS and he further developed them himself along with MORA in Central Java.

"I received training on SBM from USAID, and then I have continued developing this in MORA circles," he said.

In between his activities as a supervisor, he has also been active as a facilitator for USAID PRIORITAS in Central Java. Because of his openness and inclusiveness, he has often been invited to conduct SBM training in various places. As a result, the portfolio compiled by Hamid was the most extensive when compared to candidates from other provinces. It was this assessment that contributed to the award for his achievement at the national level.

"The key to my success is not being afraid of making mistakes in my work. People who are working are doing the right thing. It's those who do not work who are not. So, you should feel free to continue your work," he said.(Arz)

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