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The Cimahi Reading Habit (CRH)

The Cimahi Reading Habit (CRH)
At the CRH Jamboree, students choose the books they want to read.

CIMAHI, WEST JAVA – To increase students' interest in reading in Cimahi, the Office of Archives, Libraries and Electronic Data Management (KAPPDE) launched a program called Cimahi Reading Habit (CRH). Each school participating in CRH appoints a coordinator or mentor, a teacher and/or the school librarian, to be in charge of the implementation of CRH at the school and periodically they write reports on CRH evaluations which are submitted to the district coordinator/committee. Reporting is done quarterly and organized by the KAPPDE which invites representatives of CRH participating schools. The aims are to:

  • Know about the development of CRH program
  • Know the technical constraints of the program
  • Find solutions to problems (if any),
  • Measure the city's primary school students' ability to read, shown using a score/index.

A number of guests from Bandung City, Bandung District, Sukabumi City, Bengkulu District, and Bangka Belitung Province have visited the city to learn about the program.

The program is in line with Cimahi's Department of Education, Youth and Sports program as set out in the Cimahi Head of Education Circular No. 423/2483/Disdikpora dated 12 August 2015 pertaining to Character Education, point 1.c. "There shall be a daily activity before lessons start at school when students read non-text books for about 15 minutes."

In June 2015, KAPPDE held a "Cimahi Reading Habit Jamboree" which brought together CRH participating students in an exciting reading activity with interactive games in order to stimulate increased interest in reading.

The best participants were sent to a West Java Reading Challenge a reading challenge contest at the provincial level. Each child was asked to read as many books as they could. They were awarded a certificate, a medal, and even prize money for those who succesfully met the challenge.

Initially the program was aimed at primary school (SD/MI) students. Now, it has been developed further to include junior secondary schools (SMP/MTs). USAID PRIORITAS is involved in supporting this program by training and mentoring partner schools to develop a reading culture program to encourage and improve students' reading skills. (Pri)



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