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Creating an English Language Comic

Creating an English Language Comic
Students working together in groups to create comics in English about everyday activities.

TANGERANG, BANTEN – Haryati, an eighth grade English teacher at MTsN 2 Tangerang, invited her students to increase their skills in expressing their opinions using English. The learning objective to she wanted to achieve was for the students to be able to express a  properly written opinion.

"Good morning class! Today we will learn about how to express our opinions through daily activities. In the beginning, what do you usually do every morning?" Haryati asked the students. Students put their hands up, vying with each other to answer her question.

"Okay, thank you for your quick responses." Haryati wrote the students' answers on the board one by one, such as praying, taking a bath, eating breakfast, and going to school. Haryati then asked, "What time do you have breakfast, Rina?" The student named Rina answered, "I have breakfast at 6 a.m."

The group with the best results.

Then Haryati passed out cardboard, pencils and crayons to  the groups, which each consisted 4-5 students. "Class, I'd like to ask all of you to work in your groups. Create a comic about daily activities in English!" said Haryati. "Any questions?"

Haryati did not assess the results of the groups' work according to the quality of their pictures but instead, according to the whether the English sentences were good and correct. Then the groups  displayed their work on the classroom wall. Those groups which had interesting pictures and only a few mistakes in their writing were exhibited in the school corridor. (Anl)

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