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Dissemination Training Through MGMP Activities

Dissemination Training Through MGMP Activities
A school level MGMP activity in SMPN 3 Srengat, Blitar is used for dissemination of USAID PRIORITAS training to teachers.

BLITAR, EAST JAVA – Until now, dissemination training in Blitar has been funded by the participants themselves or from the local government budget. However, the disadvantage of this model of training is that there are too many participants and therefore individual mentoring of participating teachers is not optimal. Moreover, teachers who are interested in the training are not only limited to the five subjects supported by USAID PRIORITAS (science, social studies, mathematics, English, and Indonesian). Teachers of other subjects also would like to participate in the training. "We have now established a new strategy for dissemination training taking advantage of the MGMPs (subject teachers working groups)," said Agus Dwi Putranto MPd, a USAID PRIORITAS district facilitator for mathematics.

Dissemination activities in MGMPs use a lesson study approach. Teachers do their lesson planning as a group, teach the lesson together in a team and then evaluate the lesson.

The sheer number of requests for dissemination training encouraged the education authorities in Blitar to prepare a second tier of facilitators trained by USAID PRIORITAS district facilitators. These new district facilitators will provide training through MGMPs, both at the district and school levels.

In Blitar, the district MGMP is divided into four areas, namely the west, east, south, and north. Each area is supported by one USAID PRIORITAS district facilitator and several tier-two district facilitators. So far, a total of 739 teachers have been trained using USAID PRIORITAS modules 1 and 2 through MGMPs both at the school and district level. (Try/ida)



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