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Lecturers and Partner Schools of TTIs in West Papua Trained in PAKEM and SBM

Lecturers and Partner Schools of TTIs in West Papua Trained in PAKEM and SBM
Lecturers, along with the teachers and principals in STKIP Muhammadiyah's partner school, were trained in applying good practices in teaching and learning and school-based management.

SOUTH MANOKWARI, WEST PAPUA – USAID PRIORITAS facilitated a training on good practices for lecturers from STKIP Muhammadiyah Manokwari (teacher training college) and six of its partner schools. This activity was carried out in two stages, between 15-20 February 2016 for the training on teaching and learning, and between 7-11 March 2016 for training on school-based management (SBM). The participants were lecturers, principals, teachers, supervisors and staff from the Manokwari District Education Office.

"This training is for improving the quality of lectures at STKIP Muhmmadiyah and of teaching and learning in its partner schools. 

We hope that the prospective teachers at STKIP Muhammadiyah receive quality lectures and teaching practice in schools of good quality. This is so there is a synergy between the STKIP and the schools to improve educational quality,” said Sudarsono, the USAID PRIORITAS Program Coordinator in West Papua Province.

During the practical teaching in the school, they helped students learn more actively, produce creative work, and display it.

The training used USAID PRIORITAS modules 1 and 2 on good practices and SBM with a focus on the application of the PAKEM approach, management that supports successful learning, transparency and accountability in the management of the school, as well as school planning in the form of RKS (work plans) and RKAS (activity and budget plans). Programs to foster a reading culture were included in the training for members of the school community.

"Before, I was afraid of making mistakes with the plans I prepared, bearing in mind I'd only been the principal for one year. I'd never had any training on how to prepare work and budget plans. I feel relieved now and no longer afraid to make a plan because of the support from USAID PRIORITAS and the lecturers from STKIP Muhammadiyah," said Lenora Borlak principal of SD Inpres 41 Wosi Dalam, Manokwari, giving her testimony after the training. (Sds)


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