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Papua Special Needs Students Assisted by BPKP

Papua Special Needs Students Assisted by BPKP
Nikolina Halitopo assisted by her friend as they study with the BPKP books.

WAMENA, PAPUA BARAT – Following up on the training on the use of Papua contextual textbooks (BPKP) in teaching and learning, the training teams from YKW and USAID PRIORITAS went into partner schools to provide assistance. One team went to SD Don Bosco Pugima, Wamena, Papua. One of those who received support was Samson Hisage, a teacher of grade II. He said that the BPKP has helped him greatly with teaching using clear steps and in a fun way. They can even help special needs students to study well.

There is a special needs student called Nikolina Halitopo who is deaf and mute. When being taught using the BPKP, Nikolina showed enthusiasm for learning. She can do the exercises in the BPKP well because the books have interesting pictures and the context is similar to the daily lives of the children. Prior to the BPKP, Nikolina found it very difficult to learn and just sat still doing nothing.

"Nikolina can now learn better than before with the help of teachers and classmates. They explain how to work things out using fingers and counters," said Samson. He says that learning using the BPKP helps students to more easily understand the subject matter. And Nikolina is able to complete the exercises in the books. (Grn)


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