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To Improve Literacy, MTsN Susoh Launches Its 'Gelira' Program

To Improve Literacy, MTsN Susoh Launches Its 'Gelira' Program
The reading carts at MTsN Susoh are placed near the classrooms so that students can easily access the collection of reading books.

BLANGPIDIE, ACEH – MTsN Unggul Susoh launched a reading cart program and its “five hundred rupiah movement” (gerakan lima ratus rupiah or 'Gelira'), which takes place every Monday, to support and foster students' interest in reading. The Head of the Office of Religious Affairs for Aceh Barat Daya District, Drs Alijar, said that this program aims to enhance students' interest in reading. "Books are a warehouse of knowledge, reading is the key, and writing shows understanding. I support this reading culture program," he said at the inauguration of the program in MTsN Susoh (6/1).

According to the Principal of MTsN Unggul Susoh, Syamsullijarni SPd, the reading carts will support the program of 15 minutes of reading before the lessons begin every day. "Students can also spend their recesses or free time reading the books that are available on the book carts," he said. To update the collection of reading books, the school encourages the students to donate books that they have already read to the madrasah. They can take it in turns to read and exchange books from the collection.

Each month, an average of more than IDR 1 million is collected from the five hundred rupiah movement. The money is partly used to buy books and the rest is deposited in the bank to help purchase a car to shuttle students around, as no public transport passes the madrasah in the late afternoon. (Tmk)


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