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North Sumatra Government Confirms its Support

North Sumatra Government Confirms its Support
Drs. M. Zein, M.Si, Head of the North Sumatra Education Office

USAID PRIORITAS - Medan. The local government of North Sumatra (Pemprovsu) confirmed its support for USAID PRIORITAS programs in North Sumatra. ”The success of USAID PRIORITAS is also the success of the North Sumatra Government,” said acting Governor of North Sumatra, H. Gatot Pujo Nugroho, ST represented by the Head of the North Sumatera Education Office, Drs. Mohammad Zein, M.Si in the national training for good practice secondary school (SMP/MTs) facilitators in the Hotel Arya Duta Medan Ballroom (30/1). 

H. Gatot then expressed his hope that the partnership between Pemprovsu and USAID PRIORITAS will be a strategic partnership. In 2011-2012 the North Sumatra Government spread USAID-DBE good practices by providing training for 1,020 teachers. The trainings were able to provide immediate benefit to 32,640 students in 33 districts in North Sumatra. 

“The dissemination is intended to encourage the equal spread of basic education quality improvement across North Sumatra,” he said. “Therefore, the North Sumatra Government endorses the USAID PRIORITAS programs in all its aspects – policy, funding, and resources – to ensure the success of USAID PRIORITAS programs in North Sumatra,” he added. (Eh)

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