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MTsN Binamu: National Champion because of Reforms in Learning

MTsN Binamu: National Champion because of Reforms in Learning
Learning reform at MTsN Binamu resulted in an award from the Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali.

USAID PRIORITAS - Jeneponto-South Sulawesi.  “MTsN Binamu used to be seen as a poor quality school because mainly students who were not accepted at other secondary schools enrolled here.  We struggled to change the negative image,” said Nuraedah, S.Pd, M.Pd MTs Binamu Principal who is also a USAID PRIORITAS local training facilitator.

To improve the quality of her school, Nuraedah benefited from her role as a DBE training facilitator.  As the school principal she trained her teachers and staff to reform the student learning experience.  She, as a USAID PRIORITAS math facilitator, believes that a good school is determined by good quality learning. 

The school reforms she carried out as follows: (1) improving teacher quality through independent replication of DBE active learning training; (2) issuing a school principal decree to support active learning in all subjects; (3) establishing a MGMP (teacher working group) development and support team through peer teacher programs, in which DBE facilitators became peer mentors for other teachers; (4) ensuring teachers took part in MGMP programs organized by the education office; (5) partnering with education office supervisors to provide learning supervision for teachers; (6) ensuring the implementation of active learning through her assignment and evaluation of class teachers and their work; (7) providing funding for learning materials and stationery. 

Nuraedah believes that learning reform should be done comprehensively and supported by everyone in the school.  With her team she has identified the key areas that became the focus of quality improvement. 

Their hard work has resulted success.  In 2012 Best and Most Innovative MTs competition in South Sulawesi, MTs Binamu won first place.  Also, they won first place in the national level of another Madrasah competition and received an award from the Minister of Religious Affairs.  Its students also won several competitions.  In 2012 alone they won 1st place in Provincial Tilawah Alquran competition, 4th place in science in the Provincial Science and Math Olympiad, 2nd place in the Provincial Scout competition. (Ham)

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